What We Believe

We Believe:

  1. That God has communicated with us clearly, and with authority through the Bible. As a result we depend on the Bible as our guide for what we must believe and how we must live.
  2. That there is one God, but that there are three Persons who together are God. The "doctrine of the Trinity" is, admittedly, very difficult to understand. But the Bible teaches that the Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit are each individual Persons who are equal with each other in all respects and perfectly united as God.
  3. That God the Father is an infinite personal spirit who is perfectly holy, wise, powerful, and loving. He related to mankind with great care and kindness.
  4. That God the Holy Spirit convicts sinners of sin, gives new life to all who believe in Jesus Christ, then dwells within them to enable them to grow in their faith and to empower them to live according to God's purpose.
  5. That Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and that he is fully God and fully human.
  6. That Jesus Christ was crucified, dies, and was buried and rose bodily from the dead three days later; that he is, therefore, the only Savior through whom any person can receive God's forgiveness and salvation from sin. When Jesus Christ died on the cross he was taking our place in suffering the just punishment for our sins. It is his death for us that makes it possible for us to receive God's forgiveness and salvation.
  7. That the response a person must make to be forgiven and receive salvation is to put his/her faith personally in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  8. That Jesus Christ will return from heaven to this world; that his return will be literal, visible, sudden, and glorious; that he will rule the whole world perfectly when he comes back; and that his coming could be at any time.
  9. That the church is made up of everyone who by faith in Christ has received salvation, and that it is a spiritual body with Jesus Christ as its authoritative leader. Our local Church is a group of Christians, whose members have experienced believer's baptism by immersion. We have joined with each other for worship, service, fellowship, and training about what it means to be disciples of Christ.
  10. That the church and State have separate God-given purposes and that each must pursue its own purpose in the world free from interference by the other.
  11. That Congregational church government is the biblically valid form of governance that we will practice. We are an independent church that works in cooperation with other NAB churches to have a greater impact on the world.
  12. That every person has the right to approach God directly without any need for a human go-between. Everyone may, therefore, speak to God in prayer at any time.