Leadership Team


Senior Pastor: Randy Radke

Randy is the Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church. He is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is a technology nerd who has a great appreciation for the abundant ways that coffee can be prepared and enjoyed. He is a truth-teller who loves to explain what God has communicated through the Bible. The motto that has guided him through more than thirty years of ministry is, “Preach the truth no matter what.”

Pastor of Care & Evangelistic Outreach: Sheldon Strydhorst

Sheldon is a longtime resident of the Peace region. He was born in Hythe, AB and is the oldest of 4 children. He is a husband, a father of 5, and soon to be grandfather. He enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and all things that go "vroom". Following about a decade of work in the construction arena (home building, cement work, etc.) Sheldon followed God's calling to full time service of Jesus Christ, ministering in Peace Region churches. Sheldon is currently the pastor of Care & Evangelistic Outreach at EBC. A motto that has guided Sheldon's Christian walk is "Begin your day with God."

Youth Pastor: Josh Evans

Josh has a passion for Jesus and for people and for seeing those two come together. He loves all things music related and spending time in the outdoors, whether that’s out hiking somewhere or helping on the farm. One of the quotes from his Bible school days that has really stuck with him is: “Preach the Gospel to yourself everyday.” 

Director of Communications: Ashley Lemmon

Ashley is a wife, and mom of 2. She enjoys connecting with friends over coffee, and reading books that make her think deeply about God. She is an avid planner in all aspects of life, and enjoys managing schedules and making sure things run smoothly, so that others can focus on their individual areas of calling. As Calvin once said, "we should all regard our particular situation as a post assigned us by God, lest in the course of our lives we flit to and fro and drift aimlessly about".

Lay Leadership:

Moderator: Gerald Finster

Elders Board: Chuck Neufeld, Mike Vetsch, Jody Morrison, Steve Reeves